Jan 22, 2012

Hartman Luggage

Ugliest, most overpriced bags out there... Well, aside from Vuitton.

Slim Fit

Jeans like these aren't meant for white boys with bubble butts


Those are teeth. Now, for the grand prize, who's are they and which ones in particular? Bonus points if you can provide the actual number of the tooth.

Jan 10, 2012

Gynneth Paltrow Seen Hanging Out With Courtney Love?

'When chasing the dragon I prefer China White imported from the steppes of Mongolia. I don't often shoot (I prefer to use an opium pipe from the Han Dynasty) but when I do, I love my vintage William S Burroughs works, given to me by my dear friend, Johnny Depp. For track marks, a paste of Creme de Mer and delicately muddled orchid petals does the trick. Namaste!'